A powerboat passing by must steer to the port side (the starboard side).

Stress reduction

Excessive stress

Another benefit of boating is that it helps you to unplug. People who are constantly on the go can become overwhelmed with stress. Excessive stress can lead to poor judgment, anxiety, and depression. Boating is the perfect escape to unplug and get back to nature. The peaceful presence of the water and blue skies will help you to clear your mind and refocus.


According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, boating can help people improve their physical health. A recent survey of boaters found that boaters reported better overall health and happiness compared to non-boaters.


Boating is an enjoyable summer hobby that can also help you reduce stress levels. As a result, it can also boost your mental health. Besides the physical benefits of boating, it's a great way to relieve stress and stay social.

stay social

If you own a boat for commercial purposes, you can claim tax benefits on the income you earn from the rental activity. However, depending on the type of ownership, you may be limited in your ability to claim these benefits.


For example, if you rent out your boat, you may only be able to deduct twenty percent of your rental revenue. This means that the net losses you incur will be offset by other types of income. Furthermore, boating can increase your muscle mass and burn calories.


The IRS has recently amended the codes to provide tax benefits for boat owners. These benefits apply to new and used boats. They also apply to brokerage and charter vessels. But the buyer entity must use the vessel for a business-related purpose.



Tax benefits

Whether you rent or own your boat, the tax benefits associated with boating can be substantial. For one, boat owners who use their boats for business purposes are entitled to deductions for mortgage interest and boat financing.


They can also claim tax benefits for property taxes associated with their vessel. These benefits are generally itemized on Schedule A of your personal tax returns. The tax benefits are the same as those for homeowners.

property taxes

The same is true for yachts used as charters. These are some of the many tax benefits you can claim if you own a boat for commercial purposes. As long as you meet certain criteria, boat owners can take advantage of these tax benefits.


boat owners

Additionally, boat owners who operate their boat for business purposes can claim a business transportation deduction. However, they must use their boat at least 50 percent of the time to qualify. In addition to depreciation, boat owners can also deduct insurance, repairs, dock fees, and crew salaries. In other words, it’s like a workout without the gym.

dock fees