A powerboat passing by must steer to the port side (the starboard side).

Insurance Requirements


In order to enjoy the benefits of boating, you should obtain proper insurance coverage. In fact, some states require boat owners to have liability insurance coverage. For instance, in the state of Washington, liability insurance for your boat is mandatory if you have an engine over 50 horsepower. Depending on your state, you might also need other types of insurance for your boat. Check with your state marine board to determine the specific requirements.

Lighting requirements

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Lighting requirements when boating vary by state, so contact the appropriate boating agency in your state to find out exactly what laws apply to your vessel.


You can also save on the cost of your insurance by installing safety devices on your boat. Some marine insurers provide credits for installing fire extinguishers and fume detectors in the engine compartment.


Some also allow you to install tracking devices and anti-theft alarms. It is important to ask the insurance company about these safety features before buying your policy.

safety devices

Boat insurance must also provide for medical payments in the event of an accident. Having this coverage will pay for medical and hospital bills if you are injured on your boat.


Boat insurance is essential in protecting your investment. The limits of your policy must be high enough to cover your boat's replacement value, medical expenses, and liability costs.


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Recreational boating

This coverage applies to you, your family and passengers. It can also include other boats in your boating excursion. The coverage may vary from policy to policy, but you should always have a minimum amount of coverage on your boat.


Recreational boating offers a number of benefits. These include stress reduction, exercise, and opportunities for personal growth. The many benefits of recreational boating make it an excellent hobby for a variety of people.

Recreational boating

You should also consider deductibles. Make sure your policy covers all of these costs, and don’t leave any gaps in coverage. If you’re interested in exploring these benefits for yourself, we have some great tips for you. Read on to learn more.


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Recreational boating is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy your surroundings. Not only is it a cost-effective way to spend time with family and friends, it can also contribute to an overall improved quality of life. It provides constructive outlets for enjoyment and a sense of purpose, which is essential for reducing stress. Additionally, it helps foster personal growth by offering opportunities for self-discovery. Whether you want to learn to water ski or simply relax on a lake for the evening, recreational boating can enhance your life.

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Recreational boating can affect aquatic vegetation and fish populations. It may reduce the production of juvenile fish, alter vegetation cover, and reduce the height of plants and trees. Despite the positive impacts of recreational boating, research shows that it can negatively affect aquatic ecosystems. It is important to note, however, that studies conducted to date have largely examined the effects of boating on specific areas, and have not considered the impact of boating on aquatic vegetation.